1-7 Study Part 3 – Getting God’s Words in Us

In this last installment of a three part series on Study, Mike and Amber talk about practical ways to study the Scripture and incorporate God’s words into our lives.  They discuss the Story of Scripture and the book, “The True Story of the Whole World.”  The wonders of DAB (not dabbing…but DAB – Daily Audio Bible).  Lectio Divina and the book, “Sacred Rhythms“.  And, learning our inheritance words from the Bible that guide and inform our lives as followers of Jesus.

1-6 Study Part 2 – Trusting the Bible

In this episode, Mike and Amber continue their conversation on the discipline of Study.  The focus of study for followers of Jesus is the Bible, but a common question is if we can really trust the Bible as God’s Word to us?  Can you really believe in “the authority of Scripture” without checking your brain at the door?

1-4 Meditation and Renewing Your Mind

Without a doubt, one of the most effective tools God has given us to win the battle of the mind is meditation.  In this podcast, Mike and Amber introduce how meditation on the person of Jesus – even for short periods of time on a regular basis – can literally re-write the pathways of your brain and establish a healthy foundation of thinking.

1-3 Winning the Battle of the Mind

Like water runs downhill, the way we think determines how we live. Living the resurrection life starts in the space occupied from the neck up. Last time Amber set the stage for why fighting – and winning – this battle is so critical to experiencing transformation. In this podcast, the conversation shifts to “how”.  How do we use the tools we’ve been given to win this battle and experience more of the resurrection life?

1-2 The Battleground of the Mind

This is where living the resurrection life begins…by having our minds transformed so we begin to think like Jesus thinks.  But it’s not as easy as snapping our fingers.  This is a hard fought battle, especially in this 21st century chaos we call modern life.  Listen as Amber begins to break down why winning this battle is so critical to transformation and everything to come.

1-1 Living the Resurrection Life

Why “Reztribe”?  We are a tribe of people learning to live the resurrection life – the Way of Jesus – in our everyday lives.  In this episode, Mike and Amber introduce why the resurrection is at the center of our hope for new life now and the life to come.  They also set the stage for the rest of season 1 and learning how to live resurrection life, right now!